If you’re in need of digital commercial printing services in Melbourne, Norwood can help. We’ve been around for years and have pioneered the way, always ahead of the pack using the latest and greatest printing technology to ensure a premium finish on each and every print job. We’ve worked closely with agencies, brokers and clients to figure out their exact needs so we could develop both outstanding and practical results. We’ve led the way with specialised commercial printing methods, such as UV printing and can print on almost all types of materials. We didn’t get to the front to take it easy either. We’re constantly researching new commercial printing methods so that the end result looks better and is as affordable as possible for all.


Graphic Design requires a very special kind of mind and at Norwood, we’ve brought together a team of some of the best in Melbourne. It’s an exciting time for you – you’ve ventured further down the path, your idea is no longer just an idea and is well on its way to becoming a reality. That first, second, third iteration, each is met with excitement and each presenting new challenges and opportunities. Norwood understands this process as we’ve been through it with many people and many businesses.

We know that while it’s fun, it can be also be stressful and that’s why having an experienced industrial design firm to help guide you through the process can make it simpler and smoother overall. With the use of CAD, you’ll even be able to see a model of your product before it’s created.


Industrial design plays a large part in sales. After all, the design of a package needs to appeal to the buyer while also communicating important product information. It’s a fine line between the two but the Norwood design team is highly experienced in successfully blending these two aspects.

Our packaging design process is simple. When an idea lands on our desk, the first place it goes to is our design Engine Room. Here our industrial designers formulate creative ideas and solutions that go beyond simple functionality. This is where the shared experience of each member of the design team comes together to ensure the outcome of nothing but the finest packaging design. Our onsite materials and manufacturing processes also allows multiple prototype designs to be easily created before final production.

The areas that keep the Engine Room ticking are Concept Development and 3D CAD Modelling. From the initial point of sketching and idea generation, to the final stages of electronic prototyping and presentation, everything created in the Engine Room is done from a solid base of manufacturing research and industry knowledge and our CAD modelling systems can provide photo-real renders and to-point engineering drawings.


A major benefit for using Norwood, as your print production service, is that all our customers print work is contained in-house. Norwood’s 50 years of printing expertise as a trade printer signifies our ability to overcome unforeseen issues. Furthermore, with an in-house Design Team, Norwood has the ability to produce our customer’s ideas from the ground up! With Norwood’s vast head office and production facilities in Hallam Victoria, Norwood has the ability to print customer jobs and store them for split distribution. This saves our customers time and money. Our Hallam facility includes the following:

• An extensive area of over 5,500 square metres of clean storage. It is available for both pallet and shelving options. Contract assembly and sourcing is also available.

• As an example: dispatch functions include the daily packing and distribution from over 10,000 SKU’s to thousands of customers located throughout Australia, New Zealand, USA, South Africa and Canada.

• We use DIFOT (Delivery in Full, On Time) and Quality reports to measure performance against KPI’s. We currently run at greater than 95% DIFOT. Our Quality performance reports for 2012-2013 ran at 99.3%.


CAD models are a very helpful tool when it comes to the manufacture of your product. Norwood can produce a quick and accurate technical drawing, with the help of CAD. Durability testing can be performed with a simulator that is built into the software it can show weak points and help with your decision in the use of materials. When it comes time to produce your product a CAD file can be sent straight to the manufacture this saves a lot of time and is a way to ensure quality control. f you can think of it, Artios can make it happen. The Artios CAD program has been implemented specifically for packaging solutions, whether it’s a simple square or a highly complex shape constructed with folding and curvatures.


A website is now necessity for any business. To properly market your business as a professional, trust worthy business, a professional website is the key.

Norwood create websites that are modern, technologically advanced, easy to use, beautifully designed and most of all, able to convert leads.

We have been creating websites for the past 5 years and know what makes a successful website.