At Norwood we’re committed to creating and implementing sustainable solutions by placing the environment at the forefront of our systems and practice. Norwood has a long-standing and solid commitment to sustainable and environmentally conscious large-scale printing processes, with a comprehensive Environmental Policy in place. A mind towards sustainability doesn’t begin and end at our products. Instead, we try to consider it in every aspect of our business approach.

This is accomplished while still maintaining a high quality and price competitive product. Norwood applies best practice in each step of the printing process from digital proofing to most effective substrate use by ensuring that laydowns are done in a way that utilises the maximum amount of the printed substrate.

This has the added benefit of minimising costs across the process allowing a lower unit cost. Any polypropylene waste that is generated is 100 per cent recycled in partnership with Martogg LCM. This sustainability is possible due to high levels of staff training and the culture of environmental impact awareness that has been created at Norwood.


Maximise the substrate usage to reduce waste. Environmental practices along the entire production procedure such as digital workflow from design to plating.


Full recycling of all possible material associated with the printing process.


Research into new, high quality and more sustainable substrates that reuse waste products from other industries.


At Norwood, this translates to Be Purposeful. Compliance with all relevant environmental legislation and industry best practice guidelines. A strong culture of environmental concern and responsibility and focus on production managers being at the cutting edge of environmental practices.


Refuse to remain still; adapt to changing conditions and find environmentally sustainable substrates that provide excellent performance. Refuse to make do with solutions that may appear better and be more palatable but are not sound solutions
Continue to work with customers to reduce the footprint of our business by refusing the easy and quick options.