Shelf wobblers (also referred to as shelf talkers) are an extremely cost-effective advertising tool that can draw additional attention to your product, no matter where it’s located on the shelf. Wandering eyes are commonplace in the shops, and our shelf wobblers grab those darting pupils and direct their focus to your product. We specialise in the production of plastic shelf wobblers as we believe they’re infinitely more effective than their cardboard counterparts. They bounce and sway as people walk past and with the use of creative designs can add serious impact to the visual appeal of your product. We’re able to fully customise the size and shape of your shelf wobblers and can assist with everything from design through to manufacture.

Shelf Wobbler / Shelf Talker Features and Benefits

• High grade plastic substrate for constant flexing

• Amazing level of colour depth and clarity

• Highly durable finish that is fade resistant

• Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes