Top Dog represents a keen rivalry between the two Norwood brothers, Andrew and Stuart Eason who both share a passion for red wine. Each year they take it in turns to select their Top Dog wine which is usually sourced from Marananga, a sub region of the Barossa Valley. The wines are always big and full of fruit flavours and are sampled whilst maturing in their oak barrels.

The Top Dog label is represented by a Big Dog (Andrew) and a Little Dog (Stuart). The brother who selects the wine is also responsible for the label artwork which is based on an unfortunate experience of the other brother. As to who is the Top Dog, that is left for others to decide.

To celebrate the Top Dog’s 6th anniversary and to commemorate Andrew’s retirement, Norwood teamed up with the CSIRO to create a state of the art LED light show within the wine pack. It also contained movement sensors and RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology to showcase the future of print technology and packaging possibilities.