As a young boy, Andrew Eason (former Managing Director of Norwood) was forced to endure numerous golf stories from his parents. The result was Andrew’s unparalleled dislike for golf.  This inspired his younger brother Stuart (Chairman of Norwood) to share his weekend golf successes each Monday morning at work with Andrew, regaling him with stories of balls hit 300 metres with his Big Dog (driver). The label shows the Big Dog looking humiliated and extremely bored whilst carrying the Little Dog’s clubs. “Top Dog with his Big Dog” is a clear statement (in Stuart’s opinion) of who the Top Dog really is. Stuart considered his lovely play on words a highlight of the Top Dog label series.

Golfers loved our packs and many have been custom branded and sold for the purpose of promoting products both within the golf industry as well as many others.

The above images show a 1960’s English golfer who was photographed on location at Flinders golf course, just outside of Melbourne. He not only bought his own clothes and clubs but also his dog, aptly named Lord McTavish. We may have another contender for Top Dog!