When Norwood first started printing on Skybond, our Industrial Design and Creative Graphics Team had the crazy idea that we could make a really cool snowboard from this material. They took it upon themselves to come to work on a weekend to create a board that looked “sick as” and the shape and graphics were so good, that people actually believed it was a real snowboard.

So, the team was compelled to try it on the icy slopes of Mt Buller, just a lazy 4 hour drive from Melbourne. Our beautiful model was tricked into thinking that she would spend a great day in the snow whilst being paid in pizza and beer. We failed to tell her that she would be dressing up as a bear and our trusty photographer brought along his gingerbread man outfit for good measure.

She was pestered throughout the day by tourists asking to have their pictures taken with her. As you scroll through the images, you will see a family of Japanese tourists who insisted on being part of the action.

Our final conclusion was that the Norwood Skybond snowboard will not fade or break in the snow but it does struggle with anything other than a straight line down the mountain. Its speed was awesome and we have the bruises to prove that these were not studio shots!