At Norwood we help our customers bring their brands to life with print. In 2013 we decided to do the same thing for ourselves and had a makeover. We went through a massive rebrand across all areas of the business and created a new marketing strategy built on one mission: to show the world just how much you can achieve with print.

This was the driving concept behind our 2014 photographic series, where all props and backgrounds were designed, printed and assembled by Norwood.

Verdict? Mission accomplished.

The next challenge for the Marketing and Design team?  Take the concept to another level with our next project.

We’d been looking forward to making another film since the success of our 2013 You Tube sensation, “Print Without Drama”. The next step was obvious. To produce a new video with 35mm film using our own sets . It made sense. The time was right. Audiences were ready for it and our Industrial Designers, were ready to emerge from the dark again since their exhaustive efforts of the previous film.

Could we pull it off? Could we create another Norwood hit? You be the judge.