Norwood is a 3rd generation family printing business that was established by the Eason family in 1960.

In its formative years, Norwood printed hundreds of millions of clothing tags for major clothing brands. In fact you have probably worn an item of clothing that has contained a Norwood tag. The company expanded its services into the clothing industry with personalised cloth name tags that were sewn into countless school uniforms across the country.

Over the years Norwood has developed world class specialised UV printing techniques that are applied to difficult and unusual substrates such as polypropylene, polystyrene, PET and vinyl. This expertise provided an opportunity to produce plastic coloured tags for the nursery industry where Norwood actively supplies thousands of customers throughout Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

Norwood's plastic printing expertise resulted in the company's production of foreign currency polymer notes throughout 1999 for Note Printing Australia. Ultimately, word of this reached many printers across Australia who quickly gravitated to Norwood for much of their plastic printing work.

Norwood's rapid expansion into the Commercial market was also driven by a need for quality, long life and weatherproof printed products such as plastic phone cards, shelf talkers and outdoor signage. This soon extended into point of sale, binders, satchels, plastic packaging, self-adhesive signage, electrostatic signs, and large format banners and posters.

With the increasing demand for Norwood's products and services, the company has now evolved into something much more than just a print company. Today, it boasts a diversity of people with amazing talents as you will see from the examples of work shown on this web site.

Our team now includes Industrial and Graphic designers, Marketing and Fulfilment specialists, IT programmers and Web designers all of whom have helped Norwood move into a new era of print and print services.

We believe in saying yes to every challenge and achieving what others cannot. This sets us apart from those who assume that we are just a print company.

We will challenge and empower our people in a safe and rewarding work environment.

We practice innovation every day and we have the courage to evolve in ways that push the boundaries of ordinary thinking.

We exceed customers' expectations to ensure that we are their first choice every time.

We create partnerships for life.